Vintage Saxophones | Tenor

Vintage Saxophones |  Tenor


Selmer Mark VII Tenor

circa 1976 / Serial #245,5XX

Sold – Thank You, V!

Before work began, this horn was in very well-preserved mechanical condition, and had never had the keytubes swaged (I have photos documenting this). This VII has gotten the full 9 yards, for VII revampings: full overhaul with large, mildly domed Pisoni resonators, body-bow joint soldered (no longer glued, but soldered to create a better and more dependable seal, and resistance to the bell shifting, as well as possibly better vibration transfer throughout the instrument), keyboard “goosed” to make it more ergonomic and faster. Ergonomically this VII is now VERY comfortable, and does not have even a hint of the too-far-apart feeling that bothers some people on post-VI Selmer models.

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Early Conn “Wonder” Tenor

Serial #59,XXX / Vintage Case Included

Price TBA after overhaul

Straight tone holes, low pitch, serial #59,xxx. Probably originally released in bare brass or silver plate, now lacquered. Engraving possibly recut, very sharp. Neck is Conn, but not original. This one is a bit of a Frankenstein, but cosmetically is in very nice shape, and is getting full Just Saxes overhaul (underway now). It should be an excellent player, and a real bargain at the price, when completed.

More Info and Photos coming soon

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