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Hand (no-machine buffing) refinishing:

$465 soprano / $495 alto / $569 tenor*
* prices include complete needle spring replacement, which is part of any no-buff refinishing. Subtract $50 (soprano), $60 (alto) and $65 (tenor) for Buescher, as Buescher springs still have to be removed but are reusable and easily reinstalled.

For gold and/or silver plated horns

$95 – light tarnish, chemical bath & rinse
$175 – medium to medium-heavy tarnish
$195/$265 – heavy/very heavy tarnish

Replating services are available, and are performed by Anderson’s Silverplating, provided at actual cost.  Price depends on specific services requested.

Bare brass

$125 – light tarnish
$225- heavy tarnish (no “crystalline” oxidation)
$475- heavy tarnish with light verdigris (totally different process)
$645 – heavy tarnish with heavy verdigris

Example of bare brass with heavy tarnish, heavy verdigris:
100_2548-copy(before – this is actually a lacquered Mark VI with water damage)
100_2655(after – with lacquer strip & refinish, which are separate from cleaning cost)

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