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Every overhaul has its own unique requirements, but as a general rule every overhaul I do includes at least the following:

  • Complete washing, and disinfecting of entire saxophone (tarnish treatment available at additional charge)
  • Cleaning & levelling of key cups
  • Levelling and “dressing” of toneholes as needed (always with minimal invasiveness in mind)
  • Elimination of all lost motion and “slop”
  • Recorking & refelting, with natural cork & synthetics, vise-compressed prior to installation
  • Thorough friction reduction at contact points in keywork and linkages
  • Springs replaced as needed (charged at $65/hr in extreme cases)
  • All rods & key tubes checked for burrs & sticking points, & corrected where needed
  • All rods & screws deburred, cleaned, & lubricated with premium-grade, non-gumming oils
  • Key tube swaging when necessary (charged at $65/hr in extreme cases)
  • Complete repadding and pad regulation (includes ironing, cup levelling, leakfree seating)
  • Customized pad resonators (additional charges for custom brass and special orders)
  • Careful, individual regulation of all keyheights and linkages
  • Careful, individual regulation of each spring for comfortable, lively key action
  • Break-in and playtesting/fine-tuning period of at least 1 week (2 weeks in cases of OH by mail)
  • Post-overhaul, post-break-in readjustment
  • New neck cork
  • Some very minor dentwork included, otherwise charged at $65/hr, or at contracted rate
  • Neck tenon fitting touch up (over 1 hr charged at $65/hr in labor-intensive cases)

Complete spring replacement when needed is $165 with overhaul; both blued needle and Kraus stainless are available, and attentive playtest/adjustment of spring tension is included.


A note on horns sold by JustSaxes that have not been overhauled:
In general, every horn purchased by Just Saxes is overhauled prior to listing for resale; in very rare cases, horns arrive in a condition that is close enough to optimal that an overhaul really isn’t necessary. When horns are listed for sale with an “as current” price versus a “with overhaul” price, it’s because I can offer an overhaul at a low price when selling a horn.

As pads age, they tend to develop leaks too fine to be found with a leaklight, but that nevertheless do affect the response of the horn; this is the primary reason that a full reinstallation of pads, linkage materials, and spring replacements, can and does improve the playing responsiveness of a horn that is already playing very well and does not appear (with a leak light) to be leaking. Horns sold with an optional overhaul price are fully serviced by Just Saxes, to optimize playing condition, given the current installation.

Consignment sales merit some special considerations. Generally speaking, on saxes sold on consignment, I perform only those adjustments that are risk-free. Since consignment horns are sold with full Just Saxes protections and support, I make every effort to optimize their performance prior to listing them; the limit of these repairs are things like soldering, bending of keyguards, post-straightening, so forth — repairs that have a risk of complications such as posts breaking off, etc., since I charge a very low commission and would be responsible for any complications resulting from risky procedures. It should be understood by overhaul customers that unpleasant circumstances like posts detaching do occur during overhauls, especially on certain models/makes (e.g. Martins), that these problems often cannot be forseen without actually undertaking dismantling of the instrument, and that such problems may involve extra work (to be charged at $65/hr). No extra charges will ever be incurred on a horn from JustSaxes without prior notice; if, in error, Just Saxes should fail to notify buyer, or request permission from buyer to perform services to be charges at services beyond agreed overhaul price, those services are to be provided free of charge.


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