Mouthpieces for Alto Saxophone


Mouthpieces for  Alto Saxophone

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Johannes Gerber Custom Metal Dukoff

(large tip opening, unmeasured)

This is a screamer. One of Johannes’s trademark, souped-up Dukoffs, this is piece is loud, accurate, and powerful.  If you’re looking for one of these, you already know what it is, this is it, and you will not be disappointed.  If not, it’s a piece with a fairly large opening, high baffle, that can take everything you can give it, with unique cut, edge, core and projection.  It is NOT a “6” sizing, it’s considerably larger, somewhere between an 8* and a 9, I believe.

sold – thank you, K!


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Meyer “Limited Edition New York” 

Refacing by Johannes Gerber

This is another of the batch of pieces I sent to Johannes years ago, and that have been in climate-controlled storage. I can no longer recall how it happened — maybe I let the wrong person playtest it, I don’t know — but it has a few toot scratches, surface only but they’re present, and a small area of ligature marks, despite (I believe) being new when I sent it to Jo.

This custom piece has a large, round chamber, and the opening feels like at least a .078 — it’s a piece for a player with some chops, seeking a Meyer with a big bottom end, that really feels like hardrubber both physically and sonically — without that buzziness (bad kind of buzziness) of modern Meyers — and who can put some air in the horn. It’s still controlled and even with less air, but it doesn’t become the ringing, loud, full-bodied piece it wants to be until it’s pressured. This is a considerably more powerful, louder piece than modern Meyers, yet even and controlled, round and dark, thanks to the piece’s design and Johannes’s fine tuning of the tip rail and side rails.

“Meyer Limited Edition” stock cap, Meyer ligature, and original box included.



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Vintage Hardrubber Brilhart 

Refacing by Johannes Gerber

Vintage (real) hardrubber Brilhart, cleaned up and refaced by Johannes Gerber. Nice and even, throughout the range, quick and even altissimo response, subtones readily. Very nice vintage Brilhart with Jo’s excellent work.

sold – thank you, J!











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