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Items Now Available by Special Order Only

Through a new distributor, Just Saxes can now provide a large number of items by special order, not previously available.  The idea here is not to become more like every other retail store, but to extend to players more affordable pricing on staples, through special and bulk orders.  I can get these items, and if sold in sufficient purchasing totals can afford to make them available at prices lower than most other places, so they are available here; pretty simple.  The list is somewhat sparse, and random (brandwise), but if you’re looking for these items in bulk, or combination, you can likely save a few dollars here.

Special Orders Policies & Details

What “Special Order” means, here, is that these items are not stocked on premises (as a general policy), and are available only through special arrangement, with terms of sale that differ from terms on other items such as cases and saxophones.  “Special Order” items are not returnable, except where explicitly stipulated in the sales agreement specific to that item.  (This policy is in place simply to prevent JS purchasing budget from becoming weighed down by items that can sit on shelves for long periods of time.)  These orders generally take between 7-21 days for delivery to the client’s doorstep, from the time of confirmed “hard” payment.  Average time of delivery is about 10 days.  Shipping charges (estimate, based on actual cost) are not included in pricing.  Special orders are available in purchases totaling $200  or more (item totals), only.

Any questions or concerns about these items, please feel welcome to write or phone.


– Peter Ponzol –

The fit of the neck socket, neckpipe sleeve to body tenon, is extremely important to any saxophone’s proper, and best, performance.  Leaks at the neck socket can cause the feeling of exaggerated resistance, problems with articulation, lack of resonance, and intonational difficulties (it’s also possible, however, that players who find their horns to their liking, yet whose horns leak at the neck joint, may actually perceive correction to have adverse effects).  The ideal situation is one in which a proper bore match between horn and neck exists, and player and tech can work together, on the spot, to produce the best and most effective fitting of the tenon joint.  These necks will play very well on their intended horns – especially Yamaha – even without custom fitting, but the best result will only be achieved when the tenon/sleeve mating is optimal.

These necks are therefore recommended only to those with a tech in their area who can fit the neck socket properly.  For local customers, or those who may be planning a trip through New Orleans, I can include neck fitting for $50 additional (labor).

Ponzol necks are recommended for Selmer, and especially for Yamaha.  $295

– Stephan Boesken –

Word’s spreading quickly not just about Stephan’s necks and workmanship but the integrity of his work and service.  I’m pleased to be able to offer his necks here.  They are available in a wide array of optional finishes.  Prices, below, do not include optional plating charges.  Prices also are subject to changes reflecting changes in exchange rate, Euro to US$.  Alto, soprano and bari necks are also available, prices available by request – tenor price is provided as a reference point.

Solid brass, nickel silver, or copper:  pricing to be updated shortly
Solid silver:  pricing to be updated shortly

– Custom Yamaha –

The full line of Custom Yamaha necks is available, for soprano, alto and tenor (only), and in the following finishes:  lacquered, silver-plated, black lacquered, gold plated (in order of pricing, lowest to highest).  Please inquire for pricing of specific neck and finish.  Soprano necks are available in both straight and curved models.  To give some idea of general pricing, silver-plated curved soprano necks are $219; silver-plated alto necks are $249 (both G Series and Yamaha series); silver-plated tenor necks are $279 (G and Yamaha Series).

Yamaha necks tend to be more consistent than some other makes, and aftermarket necks made for Yamaha are likely to be functional fits, “off-the-shelf,” but players should expect optimal response only to occur with custom fitting — especially those whose horns’ body tenons have previously been repaired, or which have been previously fitted to the neck sleeve using “in-the-socket” lapping techniques.


VandorenAlto (A15-A55):  $85
Alto “JAVA” & “JUMBO JAVA” (A35-A95): $85
Tenor (T15-T97):  $89
Tenor “JAVA” & “JUMBO JAVA” (T45-T97): $99
Tenor Metal (goldplated, T45-T95:  $205

(Click here for Peter Ponzol mouthpieces)


Alto for HR:  $59
Tenor for metal:  $59

Alto:  gold lacquer, $45; gold-plated, $69
Tenor:  gold lacquer, $45; gold-plated, $69
Baritone:  gold lacquer, $55; gold-plated, $75

“Standard”Alto:  $35
Tenor:  $35
Baritone:  $40

“Revellation”Alto:  $37
Tenor:  $37
Baritone:  $35

“Super Revellation”Alto:  $39
Tenor:  $39
Baritone:  $45

Neck Harnesses


(These are the over-both-shoulders, crossed in back harnesses)
Sizes:  small (most women), medium (most men) & large (big & tall)


Please note: Reeds are available in lots of 10 boxes or more (any combination) only.

VANDOREN  “Traditional” sop 10 $12.50
alto 10 $16
 tenor 5 $11.75
 bari 5 $21
bass 5 $27
“V16” & “Java” sop 10 $12.50
alto 10 $16
tenor 5 $11.75
RICO “Royal” sop 10 $11.25
alto 10 $13
 tenor 10  $16.50
 bari 10 $22
“Plasticover” sop 5 $10
alto 5 $11
tenor 5 $14.50
bari 5 $17
 “Symmetricut” alto (only) 10 $11.25
(orange box)
sop 10 $11
alto 10 $12
tenor 10 $14.25
bari 10 $18.50
sop 25 $25
alto 25 $28
tenor 25 $34
bari 25 $45
 “Grand Concert” alto 10  $15.25
5 $11.25
sop 10 $11.50
alto 10 $13.50
tenor 10 $17
bari 10 $24
 HEMKE sop 5 $7.75
alto 5 $8.25
tenor 5 $11.25
bari 5 $18.75
sop 10 $15
alto (reg) 10 $17
alto (file cut) 10 $17.50
 tenor 5 12

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