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Occasionally, stuff comes in that I can’t get to, or don’t think I can get to, or that doesn’t really fit into the other areas on this site. Also, I sometimes buy stuff by mistake, or that it turns out that I don’t need, or want. You’ll find these sorts of items here, along with other miscellaneous accessories, at “bargain basement” prices.

– Charpen #3 reeds for alto –

Out of production. New but only 24 of the original 25 reeds were present when I bought it (box had been opened, and one reed was missing). I have no idea what the retail was on these, so please don’t be upset if my price is higher than the original retail was. $45

Loose Saxophone Keys & Parts:

From 31x,xxx Conn 10M Tenor, in raw brass, Full set of keys for circa late 40s 10M. The horn these keys originally came from had rolled toneholes, but lacked (by design) the forked Eb mechanism.
price: $225 (for the full set)

from 210,xxx Conn “Chu Berry” Tenor, in silver plate, Xlnt condition, no plating loss:
(original m.o.p. rollers present, on all relevant keys)

High E – $45 Low B – $65 G# cup & trill – $75
Low C# – $65 G – $65 nailfile G# – $65
B2 – $45 Bis – $65 C# – $65
F# – $65 E – $75 Low Bb lever – $65
bdy octve lever – $65 low D – $75 Eb fork cup – $75
upper A/C key – $65 oct. key touch – $65 body vent cup – $65
low F – $65 E/Eb fork touch – $65 front F touch – $45
LH thumbrest,
pearl slightly burnt
(cosmetic damage,
only:  $ 45
Body octave posts,
springs incl.:
$35 each / $120 set
Hi E (top) post,
pivot screw &
set screw incl:
Lower stack posts,
springs incl:
$35 ea / $150 set
LH table C#/G#/fork
Eb posts,
springs included:
$30 ea / $125 set
Add $5 ea for set screw & pivot screw
Assorted rod screws, short (under 2″): $15
med (2″-5″): $20
long: $25

from Conn “Pre-Chu” stencil Tenor, in silver plate, Very Good condition, little or no plating loss, most keys: (original m.o.p. rollers present, on all relevant keys)


keys, from $35 posts from $25 body, & more,
from $ 25


from Vintage Keilwerth, serial # 27,900, “Tone King” style, in gold lacquer. This horn donated keywork to a customized Conn. The neck is rough, cosmetically (pulldown removal, resolderings, dent removals), but well after being repaired.

Body:  $75 Posts from $20 Neck $125
Assorted keywork from $20 “Art Deco” keyguard posts $45 for the set, including screws. Body:  $75

– please call or write for details & pricing –

for Keilwerth or Dörfler and Jörka Tenor
(from Dörfler and Jörka, most parts made with same tooling & will fit both brands.)
Nickel plated keys, gold lacq body & posts
– body, neck, hardware, keyguards, clothesguard, from $25 –
– please call or write for details & pricing –

Martin parts from Reynolds Tenor
(gold lacquered Martin Stencil)
– assorted keys, keyguards, from $25 ea –
– please call or write for details & pricing –

Buescher alto parts from Buescher stencil
( gold lacquered, probably 30A)
Will fit & work with Aristocrat
– assorted keys from $25 ea –
– please call or write for details & pricing –

from vintage ‘Pre-Chu” Conn C-Melody
– assorted keys, gold lacquered, from $25 –
– please call or write for details & pricing –

from vintage, gold-laquered Martin Indiana Alto
– assorted keys, body, and neck –
gold lacquered, from $25. Many parts can be used for both
Handcraft and “Committee” altos.

from Yamaha
– replacement parts (including necks) by special order –
– please call or write for details & pricing –

Coming soon: keys & parts for Transitional Conn Tenor (253K-series) and Conn 10M (316K-series)

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