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2017 Pricing:

Silverplated – $879 (original Crescent)
Goldplated – $899 (original Crescent)
Lacquered:  $929 (updated Crescent II)


Bare Brass – $879

Gold lacquered (Faux Goldplate) – $889

Silverplated, Gold Lacquered Keywork – $897

Goldplated – $969

Soprano / Curved Soprano:

Goldplated -$ 879


Gold lacquered – $1795

Shipping (within continental US, FedEx insured):

Soprano $29.85

Alto $44.75

Tenor $54.89

Baritone $88.79


* On all Crescent saxophones, full Just Saxes (in house) custom pad and resonator installations are available at an additional cost of $345 for soprano, $435 for alto, and $479 for tenor.  Silverplated and goldplated Crescent necks may be substituted free of charge, or added for an additional $125 ($54 with-purchase discount from $179, available for 1-year after purchase). JS Custom necks are available additions at $195 with purchase ($229 a la carte).  Yanagisawa 901 and 991 necks are available as aftermarket options for alto and soprano, with purchase (please inquire for price).



In stock and available now:

Alto: silverplated with gold lacquered keywork, goldplated, bare brass. 
Tenor:  silverplated with gold lacquered keywork, goldplated.
Soprano, curved soprano:  goldplated.
Baritone:  sold out — new shipment expected in Nov 2016


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