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I buy vintage and new saxophones that are mechanically sound, of professional quality, and are without fatal flaws. With a very few exceptions, I overhaul every saxophone I buy, so playing condition on purchases is an issue to me only so far as mechanical condition is involved. Every saxophone I buy is in some sense bought for my own use, either to satisfy a curiosity or to see whether it can take the place of another horn in my personal collection. I only allow myself a few horns, and this means that most of the horns I buy eventually end up being available for resale.

Buying via the internet from unfamiliar folks is inherently a risky business. Since I’m a known entity, and am documented both with my local Chamber of Commerce as well as my internet site and testimonials (on independent internet sites), I may sometimes ask that a horn be sent to me “on spec” when I purchase a saxophone. Please don’t be offended if, initially strangers when we first make contact, I ask this of you; it’s merely a matter of policy, brought about by necessity.

If you have a horn for sale that I don’t want – or can’t afford – and I know of a buyer that might be interested in your saxophone, I may be able to provide an introduction. There is no set “finder’s fee.”

Please click here to download a list of some of the saxophones that I do and do not buy.


I make every effort to recondition horns with equipment that will closely mirror, or enhance the acoustic qualities the horns originally were made to produce. Where I diverge from “original” or mock-original equipment, it’s because my own experience has shown me that the essential charm of a horn can be enhanced with, for example, a larger resonator, or a different pad style. Horns purchased from Just Saxes that are available both “as is” or with overhaul can be custom reconditioned, but in these cases, as a general rule, the purchase must be made prior to the completion of the overhaul.

All horns are guaranteed to be in tip-top playing condition, and post-sales assistance (when desired) with customizing key heights, to match player set-up, as well as help with customizing action and “feel,” are included with every sale.

*A note on consignments: At this time I’m taking consignments on a very limited basis. Since Just Saxes is responsible for consignment sales, it’s absolutely necessary that I have any saxophone to be sold through consignment on premises. I cannot sell any horn on consignment without having it on hand to examine and to confirm its condition, as well as to photograph it accurately for listing. If you have a horn for sale, and want me to help you find a buyer, please email me and we’ll discuss it.


There are no “hard-and-fast” rules for trades. I’ll try and make the best deal for both of us, but one can never tell what horns will be in demand at any moment. If, for example, I have a buyer who is looking for a particular horn, and that’s what you have for trade, that makes it possible for me to give you better value for your horn than I can when trading “cold.”

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