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Paid appraisals are available at $40 each, $75 for written, legally binding appraisals.* I’d like to offer them as a free service, but there just isn’t time enough in a day for me to do that. Requests for value advice comes in daily, asking in various ways for free appraisals – it takes time, thought and interaction to provide appraisals, and there just isn’t time enough daily to answer these requests free of charge (when I have time, I do some of this through webforum participation and via “ask an expert” sites, as I have in the past).**

* Appraisals given for insurance purposes are performed with the implicit, mutual recognition that neither I or Just Saxes are legally bound to provide legal testimony in any legal proceedings regarding the horn in question. Written appraisals by Just Saxes should be regarded as legally binding testimony/deposition, in and of themselves.
** Casual appraisals, with work orders, are of course free of charge.

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