Internet Selling

Some of the horns at Just Saxes will be listed on eBay, on occasion, but most will not. Since putting this site up, and at this writing, most horns sell before I have a chance to fully list them, whether locally or by mail-order (indeed, a good number sell before there is time to list them on the website at all). Additionally, as time passes, and as is natural for a new business, local business has continued to grow at the speed of word of mouth, and this growth tends to pick up momentum over time. While there isn’t always time to attend to updates to this website as often as I’d like, I make an effort to keep this site and the inventory pages up to date. Attending to existing, completed sales and hired work does take priority over website updates, so when there isn’t a pressing need to make updates, they can go without being made for a while.

However, if you see a PayPal button available for an item, then that item is in stock. It hasn’t happened yet, but in the case I should ever neglect to remove a PayPal payment button for an item, I will cancel your payment and return it to your account at my earliest opportunity. I will not try to hold it and ask you whether you want another item, or otherwise withhold immediate refund as some web businesses do; I will cancel and refund your payment.

Not seeing a button does not mean that an item is out of stock — indeed, I rarely place PayPal buttons in listings.  Limiting automated shopping helps me to avoid falling behind on paid sales and service.  Please feel welcome to email or call about any items that interest you, as that is how sales are completed via the web 99% of the time.

I fully recognize – more so every day as I myself find more and more of my own shopping taking place online – that shopping online can be a harrowing experience (especially, for some reason, when shopping for things like electronics and cameras). When you phone or write Just Saxes, though, you are always dealing with me directly, the proprietor and owner, and there is no such thing as “passing the buck” or “front-line” customer service. I recognize that, in large part because internet shopping does tend to be more stressful, doing business at a distance actually requires greater consideration, in many ways, than doing business face-to-face.