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Here at Just Saxes, you’ll find vintage, custom & new saxophones, fine mouthpieces, and cases, as well as articles and links to sites related to vintage saxophones and horn shopping. 

A vintage saxophone enthusiast myself, I buy and sell only those instruments that I know to be good candidates for professional quality performance.  When you purchase a saxophone from Just Saxes, you can be sure it is up to the requirements of any musical demand. While some musical contexts certainly favor certain equipment over other equipment — for R&B a Martin tenor, or for swing a Conn Chu Berry Tenor, or a Buffet Superdynaction or Buescher True-Tone for classical — we can also work together to determine just the right fit.

Recognized internationally for my custom and repair work, there is no mechanical problem I can’t solve, and I know what is required to bring a saxophone to its best performance, both in terms of broad gestures and the finest, subtlest ones that can turn a saxophone from “dog” to godsend. There is a profound difference between a saxophone that is “sealing” or simply “has no leaks” and one that is in its absolute optimal adjustment. Optimum adjustment is always the standard, in all work done at Just Saxes.

Perhaps most importantly, when you buy a saxophone from Just Saxes, or have an overhaul, custom work or restoration performed by Just Saxes, you can be absolutely sure that the work is truly top rung, that it was performed by my own hand (not an assistant’s), and that no shortcuts were taken in the care of your saxophone.

I do not do a huge volume of business, taking on only a handful of saxophone restorations monthly, and I give my best effort to every saxophone and every customer whether genius or novice — indeed optimal repair is equally important at both extremes, though for different reasons at each end of the spectrum.

Originally opened for business in Bywater, New Orleans, in 2001, and now in Capitola since 2010, Just Saxes has served saxophonists of all levels in New Orleans and worldwide ever since, from world renowned avant-garde masters to future masters purchasing their first instruments.

~ Sincere thanks to all of Just Saxes’ clients, past, present and future ~